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SINGAPORE: Lembaga Biasiswa Kenangan Maulud (LBKM) says that the quality of students nominated for the LBKM Madrasah Award continues to “increase” and can be an example for every national stream student.

This is because despite taking more subjects in the madrasah, the students remain actively involved in community work and leadership.

This is according to LBKM President, Suhaimi Salleh, at the LBKM 2021 Madrasah Award presentation ceremony held on Friday (August 16).

Of the 12 nominations for the LBKM Madrasah Award this year, three students were selected as the recipients. The recipients were considered to be the ‘best of the best’ of the madrasah students who sat for PSLE, GCE ‘O’ and GCE ‘A’ last year.

Source: LBKM


One of the recipients was Muhammad Suhail Sulaiman from Madrasah Irsyad Zuhri Al-Islamiah, who brought home S $ 500 as a token reward.

Suhail grabbed an aggregate of 275 in PSLE ​​last year, thus emerging as the best madrasah student in PSLE.

He now aspires to help the needy in developing countries as well as in refugee camps.

The teenager is currently studying at Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah. While at Irsyad Zuhri, Suhail diligently participated in various competitions including the American Mathematics Olympiad and the World Mathematics Contest by Raffles Institution.

At his madrasah during the primary level, Suhail was the Head of Students for three years and in the final year, he was named the Best Student in the Islamic Learning Primary School Examination (ISPE).


Source: LBKM


The award for the GCE ‘O’ category was won by Ahmad An-Nafees Mohd Najib from Madrasah Al-Arabiah Al-Islamiah. He took home S$ 1,000 prize money as the LBLM GCE ‘O’ Madrasah Award.

His results in the GCE ‘O’ examination were outstanding. Ahmad An-Nafees got 6 A grades and 3 B grades. The A grades he achieved included Additional Mathematics (A1), Mathematics (A1), Biology (A2) and Arabic (A2).

Ahmad An-Nafees not only became a qari, he was also the khatib and imam for the Friday prayers while being a student of the madrasah. He was also active in community work. Ahmad An-Nafees described his teachers, friends and family as his motivators.

“Whenever I am not motivated to study, I will remember their support for me, and this is the impetus for me to finish my work as best I can,” said the 17 -year -old.

Source: Ahmad An-Nafees

“To me this award is a reflection of my environment, my family members who support me, friends who help and never give up on one other. This is also a reflection on the school where they have given me many opportunities to participate in co-curricular activities. “

He is currently studying at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, majoring in science engineering.

“My ambition is to give back to society through scientific studies, which can provide solutions to the problems we face in this age and the age to come,” said Ahmad An-Nafees again.

Source: LBKM


The LBKM Madrasah Award for the GCE ‘A’ level went to Shariffah Nur Athirah Syed Kassim from Madrasah Al-Ma’arif Al-Islamiah who received a prize money of S $ 1,500.

While studying at the madrasah, these youths have received the Best Maarif Youth Community Leader Award and also the Goh Chok Tong Next Generation Leader Outstanding Student Leader Award.

The fact is that it is not easy for Shariffah Nur Athirah to get to this point.

“I am the first child to go through the madrasah school route so I am not sure of the challenges that I will face as a madrasah student. Especially the number of subjects that we have to balance in terms of academics and ukhrawi,” shared Shariffah Nur Athirah, the fourth child of five siblings.

According to LBKM, Shariffah Nur Athirah is a teenager who has a deep determination to serve the community. While being interviewed as a finalist for the award, she was participating in a nine – month project organized by the Youth Corps.

The project brings together students from the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University and the Social Sciences University of Singapore and runs projects to help low-income families.

So it is not surprising that the young lady was hailed as the Best Maarif Student . According to LBKM, she is a “good example of excellence in attitude and cooperation”.

Source: Shariffah Nur Athirah

“This award is one of the symbols to work harder to achieve my dreams and it also shows that my hard work over the years is all worth it,” shared Shariffah Nur Athirah.

What is the secret to her success to excel in lessons and other activities?

“For me, there are no particular secrets, but having a strong determination to achieve whatever our dreams are and also to be good at balancing time.”

“And don’t miss the opportunity because if we miss the opportunity for anything that comes towards us, we will also miss one of the opportunities that can make us strong and mature,” she added.

Shariffah Nur Athirah hopes to continue her education at the University of Jordan and is interested in working in the social services sector in the future.

Excerpted from Berita Mediacorp by Nazirah Nurfatin Jamzuri, on 19 July 2021. Read the original article here: https://berita.mediacorp.sg/mobilem/singapura/3-pelajar-madrasah-cemerlang-ini-penerima-anugerah-madrasah-lbkm/4634784.html 



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