SINGAPORE: A total of 275 candidates from five full -time madrasahs sat for the GCE O examination last year, according to the Singapore Islamic Religious Council (MUIS).

One of the madrasah students who achieved excellent results was Aminah Fairouz Adlee Nazree from Madrasah Al-Maarif Al-Islamiah.

She was selected as the ‘valedictorian’ for the madrasah for excelling in both the initial examination and Syahadah (ukhrawi subjects) as well as the GCE ‘O’ examination last year.

Aminah managed to get five grades A and three grades B.

Aminah said, “I am very grateful for my decision today. Although there were challenges for me to get the result today, I am very happy, grateful for all the support and help I received.”

However, her success in achieving such excellent results did not come like a moon falling into his lap.

Aminah has to go through various obstacles besides taking on various responsibilities as a student.

In October last year, Aminah’s family members were infected with COVID-19 and the coronavirus also affected the 16-year-old student’s preparation to sit for several more examination papers.

“I was infected with COVID-19 in the middle of the exam at level O after the Mathematics paper. I had to be locked in a solitary room without the support of my parents and siblings. The experience was very bitter for me because I felt very alone and without their touch, I feel very challenging, “explained Aminah.

For her the experience was horrible and affected his mental resilience to review lessons.

Aminah said, “I lost motivation, honestly. The night I found out all my family was infected with COVID-19, I felt very sad and worried for their health. So that night I didn’t study for the exam the next day and I cried while making the paper. ”

because of Aminah was infected with the virus, Aminah could not take a paper for the subject of Islamic Religious Knowledge (IRK).

Therefore, the A1 grade he obtained for the GCE O result is a comprehensive consideration of the ‘prelim’ examination results as well as the results obtained by her classmates for the subject.

With her excellent results, Aminah has decided to continue her studies at Madrasah Al-Maarif majoring in Islamic Knowledge and Arabic.

Aminah said: “In my opinion, the school here, and my teachers are very qualified and experienced and the knowledge they share with me over the next two more years will be very beneficial to me and help me achieve my ambitions. to be a ustazah. ”

Aminah’s success in ukhrawi and academic subjects is in addition to her carrying various responsibilities at the same time.

Apart from being a member of the executive committee of the group of student leaders at Madrasah Al-Ma’arif, Aminah is also active in co-curricular activities (CCA).

Apart from that, Aminah also participated in the tahfiz program at the Kampung Siglap Mosque and entered various memorization competitions organized by the mosque.

“Because I have many other responsibilities, sometimes I feel stressed but one piece of advice I get is that I should carry out my duties and responsibilities sincerely,” said Aminah.



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