In 2011, Madrasah Alsagoff Al-Arabiah embarked on a 1:1 iPad programme. The school started off by purchasing 300 iPads for a whole-school usage. Next, they upgraded their Computer Laboratory, turning it into a Software Development Centre for students who can learn how to design and create Arabic Textbooks and other learning materials for the school.

In 2016, Madrasah Alsgoff made it compulsory for every student to buy their own iPads as their personal Learning Device. Now we are in the advanced phase of our programme implementation which is to include coding into our curriculum and to ensure that teachers  are well-equipped with the necessary ICT skills and are kept abreast of the latest updates in the use of technology in education, they are required to attend at least two to three ICT related courses per year. 

In 2019, the Madrasah became one of the five schools in SIngapore to be recognised as an Apple Distinguished School.

Madrasah Alsagoff has been given this important recognition because it strives to be a hub for innovation, leadership and academic achievement through the extensive use of technology. The school utilises this technology to surpass educational objectives in creative and effective ways, enhancing students’ abilities, teamwork and school spirit. This is carried out in a deliberate and organised manner, involving careful planning, implementation and continuous feedback. The Apple devices allow students to showcase and hone their skills and knowledge with our teachers’ competent guidance. Most importantly, these devices contribute to a learning environment which is exciting, full of new ideas to explore and the promise of a better future for the school and our students.




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