EVERY DAY after Maghrib prayers, Aariz Anaqi Mohammad Rizalludin, 10, will read the Quran with his mother.

He will also revise the ukhrawi subjects such as the Arabic language, tarbiyah (English) and tarbiyah (Arabic) with his mother at home.

His efforts of revising the ukhrawi subjects paid off when Aariz Anaqi, student from Madrasah Irsyad Zuhri Al-Islamiah, received the Madrasah Students Award for Religious Subject Progress Award.

The Madrasah Student Awards (MSA) offers recognition to students who excel in secular and religious subjects. The awards are divided into four categories, which include the Secular Subjects Award, Religious Subjects Award, Secular Subjects Progress Award, and Religious Subjects Progress Award. Each award category acknowledges the top 5% of Singaporean Citizen students for every cohort level from the six Madrasahs based on their performance and improvement in either secular or religious subjects over a one-year period.

“I like the Islamic subjects and I like to listen to the stories about Nabi,” said Aariz Anaqi, the youngest of three siblings.

He said, “One of the things I learnt as a madrasah student is, Allah is always on our side.”
One of his ambitions is to pursue Islamic studies in the future.

Aariz is currently in primary 4 and is taking four academic subjects, the English and Malay languages, Mathematics and Science, and four ukhrawi subjects, the Arabic language, Quran, tarbiyah (English) and tarbiyah (Arabic).



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