Community’s support is crucial in building leaders of tomorrow.

A Researcher for the Environment

‘Aisyah Munirah Abbas, 17, is a Pre-University student at Madrasah Al-Ma’arif Al-Islamiah. Being the fourth out of six siblings all in the madrasah system, she understands education expenses for her, and her siblings can be taxing on her parents. More so with her dad, Mr Abbas being the sole breadwinner of the family.

With PROMAS bursaries, ‘Aisyah managed to relieve some financial burdens on their family.

This financial stress, however, did not deter ‘Aisyah from excelling in her studies and beyond. Since 2016, she has won awards and participated in many competitions locally and overseas. This includes local Math and Science competitions as well an Arabic debate competition held in the Islamic International University Malaysia.

Her dream one day is to be an environmental researcher, to add value to the environment and the community. She cherishes her time and all the help she receives from the madrasah and community and hopes to one day be able to give back.

“It is a huge responsibility (receiving community’s contributions). But I want to try and strive my best.  InsyaAllah in future, I want to work and produce things that will benefit the community and earn so I can help others and pay Zakat.”




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