Excerpted from Berita Harian

SINCE July last year, Mr. Del Rasouli Abdul Rashid, a teacher from Madrasah Al-Arabiah Al-Islamiah (MAI) has started taking Google online courses to improve his skills in the use of the platform.

In fact, not only him but all 30 MAI instructors have attended the Google Educator Level 1 course.

According to Mr. Rasouli, a 43 -year -old who teaches Physics and infocomm technology subjects, he had to take 13 hours to review the course’s online material at the Google Teacher Education Center.

At the end of July last year, he had sat for an online exam for three hours before being awarded certification.

Although this course is an additional effort made by MAI instructors to strengthen their knowledge on the use of Google, Mr. Rasouli thinks it is a good investment especially if the country needs to implement home learning (HBL).

“With this certificate, it gives me more confidence and understanding of how to use Google in the classroom as well as HBL.

“It has also changed my attitude and perspective positively as an educator,” he added.

According to the head of MAI, Mr. Herman Cher Ma’in, such a move can prepare teachers even better.

“We are beginning to realise and understand that HBL is going to be a new norm, especially with the pandemic still rampant in society.

“Therefore, to prepare for the new norm, the madrasah feels it is important for us to take advantage of the online learning system to further simplify our task while teaching in cyberspace,” he said.

Among the things that teachers learned at MAI while taking this course include how to use Google Drive to manage files jointly between teachers and students; how to use Google Meet effectively to conduct online meetings and classes; as well as how to use Google Classroom to manage online learning materials in addition to assigning assignments to students.

Mr Rasouli, who has been teaching at MAI for 15 years said the skills gained enabled him to collaborate effectively with other teaching staff.

“Being a Google educator helps me in streamlining the teaching and learning process as well as leveraging the file management system.

“We as MAI educators can also work together to achieve the best learning outcomes for our students as we move to undergo another HBL in this pandemic,” he added.

Excerpted from Berita Harian, on 20 May 2021. Read the original article here: https://www.beritaharian.sg/setempat/ikuti-kursus-guna-wadah-dalam-talian-untuk-mengajar 



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